How to use this site.....

You can post your inventories in this site.
Pls use our Forum to post your stock for sale.
To contact the owner of the article, pls use contact form for each user.
At this moment, we donot charge anything for the selling or buying posts.
This site is owned by Panastra and if we find anything Spam Posts, we will erase all about the user and user posts.

Improving the website

After many years of using the website as company site, we found that there are many ways to reach customer.
If you were registering in our previous site, pls try to re-register in this new site.
We are improving day by day.
Minilab deals are scarce in a local market for our sales, spare parts deals with overseas buyers are now expanding day by day.
For the minilab machine deals, we will post machine details by a kind of more sophisticated manner.

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